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Doorway to type nirvana?
I love this close up of a mural by Colossal Media, in Williamsburg, New York. The sign painters are well-known for their enormous outdoor murals, art projects and advertising images. Always hand-painted and often hundreds of feet off of the ground.
This is photo is from their Big Brush Project, a public art initiative showcasing their work. It was produced in collaboration with NYC-based lettering artist Greg Lamarche and reads Sky High Murals.

“Greg’s technique of hand-cutting found letters was a perfect compliment to the precision-based, hand-paint production method. This piece speaks greatly to the evolution of this community, the art world, and the hand-paint story.”

The Perfect Poem

All my life I’ve been trying
to write the perfect poem
that only a few of us believe 

It begins with “ways of executing a blouse”:in a garden,
on Market St.,
while touching the vibrating octagon,
during early spring,
while attached to the space around you,
on a thin screen made of frog guts.

While you were sleeping
the earth rotated around its core, iron and smelt,
and worked its magnetic fields further toward

The impossible brings itself to work everyday
attaining an awareness within what is forming.
How can you, a lavender cave, rest on a day like this?
The actuality of flatness calls us
to the opaque grasses
of epiphany.

seed text: Hello, the Roses, by Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge
art by owlwise12